Customer Testimonials

Kettlebell training has allowed me to access the athleticism inside of me. Physically I have achieved things I did not think I was capable of, such as, a triple bodyweight deadlift, ten pull ups with a 72kg kettlebell added, bending the Iron Mind Red Nail and Closing the Captains of Crush No 3 Gripper to name just a few.

Brett Jones,
MS, CSCS, Sr. RKC, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, National Strength and Conditioning Association

Kettlebells are the ideal exercise regime if you want both a cardio and strength training workout. I am amazed by the intensity that kettlebell training provides and the rapid results it achieves, particularly when compared to conventional weight training, yoga, Pilates and many forms of cardio workouts.

Give kettlebells a chance and never look back!

Cynthia Rowland ,
New Jersey, USA

Kettlebell training has provided me with improved core and stabilising strength, as well as greater endurance that has improved my running and athleticism. Increased strength, muscle growth and leaner muscles are just some of the results I’ve achieved.

The variety kettlebell training offers makes training interesting and it can be adapted to achieve the desired results for all fitness levels. I encourage everyone to try it. Svetlana will work you hard, but she’ll help you achieve your goals.

Derek Chang ,

After competing in a half-ironman race I decided to introduce different types of strength training into my programme. I’d seen a kettlebell demo and decided to give it a go.

It’s like no other type of training. It really stretches you, regardless of your current fitness level. Svetlana’s sessions really deliver – I am now much stronger than before. Kettlebells really improve your core strength and this has massive benefits that carry over into all sports.

I'd strongly recommend Svetlana and kettlebells to anyone looking to improve their fitness and achieve tangible and practical results.

Ed Norris ,

After an injury prone season of rugby, I realised my cardio and weight training sessions simply weren’t cutting it. I needed a change. After only a few kettlebell sessions, I found that my strength levels improved and I also felt more energetic. Not only have I been injury-free this season, but I’ve also started to lose weight.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner, looking to improve your fitness or are a seasoned athlete, Svetlana’s fun yet professional approach can help you achieve your goals and get the results you want.

Gregory Andrews ,

The kettlebell is the number one strength and conditioning tool available, second only after your own body. To fully understand and take advantage of this highly effective means of exercise, it’s vital to learn from a Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) Certified coach.

Svetlana puts the most powerful strength and conditioning techniques and principles behind kettlebells to give you results. Work hard, enjoy!

Jonathan Lewis ,

I'm so glad to have found a personal trainer who is pacing things at the right level for me, who understands what I'm going for, who listens to my concerns with patience, who genuinely cares about my progress, who is encouraging, who is easy to talk to and is neither patronising nor intimidating. Thank you for being these things as it makes me feel very positive about exercising.

Lyna ,

I started training with Svetlana when I got engaged as I wanted to look my best for my wedding. I wanted to lose weight and tone up and generally improve my fitness. After six months, and sticking to the program Svetlana designed for me, I have lost a stone and feel so much better about myself than before. I am on track for my goal weight and have really enjoyed the training sessions every week!

Jennifer ,

Several years ago, a back injury sidelined me from a very big competition. I went from being one of the top powerlifters in the world to not being able to walk for nearly two weeks. I started using Russian Kettlebells and noticed an immediate change in my body. Not only have they helped me with injury prevention, but I feel more powerful than ever before – I attribute winning the 2005 WPO-SHW Championship to training with kettlebells.

Donnie Thompson ,
Professional powerlifter, World Powerlifting Organization

For years my fitness regime revolved around cardio work and some resistance training, and I was reasonably content with the results. However, after only three one-hour kettlebell sessions with Svetlana, I could already feel and see a difference.

I felt stronger and could see my muscles starting to develop. I also felt more energetic. I am excited to have discovered this training technique and strongly recommend it to others.

Paul Sampson ,